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Our mission is to provide your organization with the best combination of employee benefit solutions to include solid product design, competitive pricing, and financially secure providers. We will work with you to develop a benefit platform for your employees. We will also educate your employees throughout the process. In addition, in light of the ever-changing employee benefit marketplace, we make it our job to shop the market for you to maintain the most competitive pricing for the desired product design.
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ARR 001: 3 Steps to Get Your Resume Read First

Important Reminders

  • Put yourself in the recruiter or HR representative’s shoes.
    • Remember, recruiters are often trying to source candidates for multiple roles at once.
    • Know their process: Recruiters develop a Pool, Phone Screen Slate, a detailed list of Short List Recommendations. They often have to repeat the process more than once.
    • An average recruiter is going to interview 12-15 candidates before they are able to find the right Short List candidates to send to the hiring manager. That short list is going to have about 4 to 5 candidates.
  • You have about 7.5 seconds to make an impression.
    • The recruiters eyes will go from Name, Summary, Job Titles and Companies/Education, First three to five bulletpoints (eyes will usually be drawn to numbers and the first verbs that are used)
    • Express ownership, how did YOU manage the project and what was the result of YOUR management or approach

The 3 Steps

  1. Simple layouts with clearly marked section and title headers, all written in a clear font.
    • This may not always be true for specialized creative or marketing positions, where employers may be looking for you to demonstrate some command of graphic design or formatting within the resume.
  2. Layouts that took advantage of F-pattern and E-pattern reading tendencies, with bold job titles supported by bulleted lists of accomplishments.
    • Avoid L-patterns (lists of accomplishments that start with very little information and then end with lots of information) or information blobs (where all the information about a job is globbed together in on big paragraph with no way to easily see a Job Title, Employer, Dates Worked, or Job Description.
  3. Submit a detailed overview or mission statement, primarily located at the top of the first page of the resume.

Strong Resume Examples



ARR 002: 3 Steps to Streamline Your Job Search

The 3 Steps

  1. Know yourself. Use The Predictive Index to determine your work profile.
  2. Determine your Success Criteria using Ikigai.
  3. Determine your non-negotiables before you start searching.




ARR 003: 5 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting Read

Things You Can Control

  • Your formatting makes your resume difficult to read.
  • You are missing a professional summary.
  • You are missing effective keywords that are important for your industry or job function.
  • You haven’t quantified the impact of your work.

Something You Can’t Control (But Can Do Something About)

  • Racism - Clearly you aren’t responsible for this, but if you feel that you have been discriminated against in a job search process, you have the right to report that to the following agencies

    • Recruiters and HR Professionals, please step up and report this behavior immediately to the EEOC or your state’s anti-discrimation body.

Studies on Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market

Resources to Fight Discrimination:



ARR 004: Top 5 Books to Read Before Your Job Hunt

The 5 Books

  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven Covey
  2. Expect to Win - Carla A. Harris
  3. Linchpin - Seth Godin
  4. Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
  5. What Color is Your Parachute? 2020 - Richard N. Bolles

5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Request Isn’t Getting Returned

The 5 Reasons

Remember, LinkedIn is critical for professional success because of your ability to organically reach well-connected decision makers in organizations. The average annual income of LinkedIn users is over $100,000 in some cities.
  1. Send a note
  2. Make it relevant to something you noticed in their profile
  3. You spammed a bunch of people
  4. Your profile isn’t updated
  5. You need to reset your picture