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Relationship Managers - Here to Help

Why can we serve you so well? Because we're a lot like you. Chances are, they share many of your interests. And dreams. The only thing that makes them different is a little added knowledge of financial matters. But they're eager to meet with you, share their knowledge and work hard to put you on the path to financial success.

Meet our Relationship Managers

Karleen Porcena

Boston/Greater Boston, MA

Dedicated to creating an equitable community, Karleen Porcena is an authentic leader who is driven to inclusive economic improvement. With over 10 years of comprehensive community development experience within the non-profit sector, Karleen aims to create innovative strategies and partnerships to move the dial on the racial wealth gap. As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, Karleen uses her unique lived experience coupled with professional skills to build solutions to economic disparities.

As a Relationship Manager Karleen is responsible for cultivating new banking opportunities and engaging underbanked populations. Karleen uses her passion and love for community development work to provide the highest customer experience to all clients despite income level. She is eager to bring in new banking relationships to the bank from the entrepreneurship, faith based and non-profit communities she has worked with throughout her career.

Prior to joining Berkshire Bank, Karleen served as Senior Program Officer for Economic Opportunity at the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), the nation’s largest community development organization and oversaw all economic development strategies at LISC Boston. She took a special interest in entrepreneurship and developed ways to promote the talent and quality entrepreneurs within Black and Brown communities as well as ways to create access to grants, loans and contracts. Karleen is passionate about building bridges between people, communities, and networks with intentions to have an equal playing field for all. She brings to her work a wide variety of relationships with community organizations, business and resident leaders, elected officials, as well as faith-based institutions.

Karleen received her MBA at Babson College in Wellesley, Ma and holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Politics and Spanish from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Outside of the office Karleen is involved with several non-profit boards including Madison Park Community Development, Mattapan Boys and Girls Club Board of Trustees. When she isn’t working, you can find Karleen playing volleyball, traveling or getting comments on her amateur chef pages on social media.

Organizations Karleen is apart of:

Ronald Molina-Brantley

Pioneer Valley/Springfield, MA 

Ronald is committed to helping the community and strives to position it for a future in which financial sustainability is not only attainable, its within ones reach, while providing the highest quality customer service. He's had the opportunity to make a difference in the community, each and every day one person at a time.
Ronald's focus is on responsiveness, attention to detail, trustworthiness, and providing the highest quality customer service to his customers and communities.

Edgard Arty

Boston/Greater Boston, MA

Edgard demonstrates A+ customer service to all his clients, by establishing trust and offers the tools they need to bank with dignity. His goal is to improve the way people conduct their banking by providing a convenient way to do so. Edgard will always assure the client that personal touch of service with a clear understanding of their financial outlook.
Edgard's biggest accomplishment in his professional career is working for The Department of Defense as a United States Army soldier on the integration of a new logistics program for all the armed services. It was a successfully completed 6-year process, that he's proud of to this day.
Edgard is also involved in various community efforts to include Truth to the Youth where he teaches young men on awareness of financial fitness, team building, education preparation and social responsibility.
This year Edgard is spearheading an initiative he’s started called “From Recruit to Retirement”. He will be partnering with various military locations and VA installations to discuss with enlisted military members, veterans and retirees on financial literacy and benefits throughout their military career.