It Starts Within

Caring for your total being is key to maintaining your success. In Wellness, we provide you with suggestions on how to take care of your mind, body and soul.
33 Degree Yoga
33 Degree Yoga provides affordable and effective yoga lessons to underserved communities of color. These lessons include:  Yoga Sessions | Yoga Workshops | Yoga Teacher Trainings.
As the communities we serve continue to heal, we look forward to growing and healing with them as well. We see our organization as a free-form that continues to evolve as the communities we serve evolve. Our main structure is based around the 8 Limb Path of yoga. Our practice and curriculum opens several avenues and chambers of information, practice, and disciplines, which allow us to serve All through comprehensive community building and education. 
About Mike Massey, founder
Mike, often referred to in the community as “Yoga Mike” is the founder of 33 Degree Yoga.
The moment Mike Massey suffered a severe injury during a football game back in 2008; the spark was lit. 
It was the first time Mike had to swallow the bitter taste of vulnerability. 
After the injury, the road to recovery - both physically and mentally - was very difficult.
During the recovery phase Mike faced the inner shadows of depression, PTSD, and self doubt. Yoga became the proper medicine.
Mike’s process of healing has been a layered commitment, to himself the people and the practice – finding power through vulnerability and voice his teaching creates a steadiness and ease of learning for his students. From his own personal shadows he was able to find the light of yoga. Now he serves others as a conduit to help them find the same light as well. 

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TRILLFIT is a purpose-driven wellness business changing the face of boutique fitness. Mission TRILL is our pledge to promote health outcomes in communities of color by providing increased access to our programming, supporting the initiatives of local organizations that focus on achieving health equity, and fostering collaboration with public and private sectors to redefine what wellness experiences look like and feel like. Join us.
We’re committed to ensuring all Bostonians have access to TRILLFIT’s suite of hip-hop fueled signature classes. TRILLFIT classes foster community - community that supports safe space to thrive and make long lasting positive health decisions; community that redefines wellness to include social connection; community that is actively changing the face of the boutique fitness industry by modeling radical inclusion, acceptance, self love, and shared support to transform our attendees’ confidence, advance well being, and ultimately promote “front row freedom.” TRILLFIT’s signature programming is meant to empower individuals, parents, and caregivers through positive wellness experiences. We work with non-profit partners and organizations to extend this signature programming throughout Boston.

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David Vendetti Yoga

I hold a thought, a thread of truth, a belief that we can change ourselves physically through healthy eating, massage, light weight training, smart stretching and a touch of cardio. Not only the physical body changes, but also the mind through the practice of meditation, education, thoughtful self examination, awareness in connection with others, and actions we take that are outside of our comfort zone but transform the heart of who we are. Even this is not goal but rather to take what we have learned into the field, to help those around us and to never forget that we are part of a global community of lives joined together for this time. Every thought, word and action can make a difference. Let's do right by each other and strive for kindness, understanding and truth.

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Linda Wellness Warrior

Linda Wellness Warrior, provides yoga instruction, stress education, and relaxation solutions. Her methods incorporate a mind, body, and spirit approach to igniting and maintaining your own inner warrior.

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An Initiative and resource created by Marlene Boyette & Erin Anderson, founded in Boston. Using their combined backgrounds in the fields education, youth / family counseling and as certified and registered yoga instructors (on specializing in trauma informed yoga*), both curate programming with an approach that is centered around wellness and healing issues from the inside, out.
Our Mission: BLCK + BLND is a professional, educational and supportive resource, intended to create awareness of the disparities and imbalances that exist within wellness spaces, as well as professional and educational environments between White people and Black people / people of color
We aim to hold space and facilitate workshops and conversations that will allow participants to unpack existing issues within these spaces and move towards action plans that will increase accessibility, inclusion and equitable experiences for people of color, while educating all participants on the value and importance of these actions.

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Trupeace Wellness


Trupeace Wellness
, a wellness collective on a mission to shift the mindset of our community to live and love healthier mindful lifestyles, one day at a time.  Trupeace Wellness defines Health & Wellness as an act of Self-Love. All persons who put their self-care as priority albeit individually or an organization who understands the benefits,--not only enhances their lives greatly, but of the people they share this life “for the living” with.
“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” – Glenn Close
 True Zen  
Mission Statement:
Our is to create wellness programs and modalities that allow individuals and groups the ability to gain optimal health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by using functional mobility exercises, yoga, deep tissue massage, and mindfulness/meditation. By fostering a safe and empowering environment we want to give people the knowledge and tools to help guide them to a better lifestyle.